Gary Madden Business Solutions holds the key to solving business problems of customer retention and acquisition.

Gary Madden
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"providing solutions for the small business owner"


Gary Madden Business Solutions
is the simple, affordable online alternative to expensive, traditional payroll services. You just enter, review and approve payroll online anywhere, anytime — we take care of everything else.Local bookkeeping, tax, payroll, and income tax preparation

Its this simple ... Gary Madden Business Solutions will save you time and money while allowing you the business owner to focus on things that produce profits.


Here are just some of the services that we provide:

  • Payroll Services You choose the level of service that fits your needs best! Choose simple, fast online payroll with direct deposit for your employees or we can do traditional payroll. To see your many options click Payroll Services.
  • Bookkeeping (We provide turn-key flat rate bookkeeping services that cater to the small to medium sized business.) 
  • Income Tax Preparation (if you filed an extension, we can get it done and filed before your tax extension expires.)  We also provide "Free Second Look" services and file ammended returns. For more information click Tax Refund Deer Park.
  • Website building and maintenance (we don't just build it and leave you) 
  • Website hosting along with email accounts 
  • Bulk email marketing and lead capture that is completely spam free and "Can Spam" compliant 
  • Blog building and updating (who has time to write a blog?) 
  • Custom Facebook page building (same kind as Starbucks, Coke, and other big companies). We can administer your Facebook page too. 
  • Social marketing campaigns 
  • Help with existing customer retention 
  • Help with new customer acquisition 

And our latest addition - Mobile Text Marketing for pennies compared to the giant companies out there.

After all, Gary Madden of Business Solutions is a small business owner too and knows what you need and how to help you get it.


Solutions for the Complex Problems

Small business is the backbone of America, but no one ever said it was EASY!Business solutions for web building, web hosting, marketing, social marketing, text marketing, customer acquisition and customer retention.

Our passion at Business Solutions is to provide relief and solutions to some of the complex problems that plague the small business owner. For example, the president of made the observation that only 50% of small businesses in America have any kind of online presence such as a website.

Of those 50%, 80% are unhappy with what they have.  Yet, 99% of small business owners know they need a quality and effective online presence in today's business climate.  The number one reason small business owners do not have a website or online presence is they first of all DO NOT have the time to do it and keep it up even if they have the knowledge.  Most that are unhappy with their websites are unhappy because the sites are out of date either in their design or information and the business owner simply does not have the time to maintain a website.

Social marketing is the current way to market and small business owner's know it, but who has the time to run a business, take care of family and home responsibilities and do 2.0 social marketing?  Sometimes the demands on a business owner are simply overwhelming and one of the causes of failure or simply giving up the dream for a nine to five J.O.B.

Finally, the small business owner cannot see how after payroll, overhead and other expenses necessary to keep a business going, that there is any budget room for these kinds of things.  And then there's the cost and need to advertise and generate new customers.  Because the owner knows a business MUST advertise, money is too often spent on outdated advertising methods that produce little to no results.

Take heart, my friend. Enter Business Solutions ... we can help with solutions to all these problems and it will not bust your budget either.

Call Gary Madden - Business Solutions TODAY!!  281-404-4189

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll in La Porte, TX

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Social Marketing

Is the Worldwide Web still a locked box for you? Or, maybe you simply do not have the time to maintain a current and effective web presence. Business Solutions can help with that by providing web building, maintenance and hosting. >>more

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